About Iron Condor

Frustrated by existing paper trading sites, we set out to make a new kind of market simulation. We wanted a true reflection of market conditions inside an intuitive, modern interface. A tool usable by stock market novices, but with features that could be leveraged by experienced traders. Iron Condor is the result of that effort.

True Simulation

All the figures on Iron Condor, from the stock and Crypto prices to the option bid volume, are real world numbers collected in real time. When you trade on Iron Condor, you're operating in the same market conditions as a real broker. Stocks, options, and cryptos you trade will appreciate on Iron Condor just as they would in your brokerage.

Invest How You Want

Users on Iron Condor can buy Stocks, Cryptos, ETFs, or Options. Use Stop and Limit orders to make exacting trades. When the market is closed, queue up orders to complete when it opens again. Manage your options as they mature, and execute them when the time is right.

Free or Premium

Iron Condor is free to use to anyone with a confirmable email address. Free users are given $100,000 to invest. Premium users can make as many portfolios as they want, starting with up to $1,000,000. Whether paid or free, all the features of Iron Condor's trading are the same.